• Choose hope is not a mass production clinic. We give you the time you need to get the treatment and the attention that you deserve.

  • Video visits eliminate travel time and are available for your convenience.

  • We work within your schedule and offer weekend appointments in addition to our normal office hours.


  • Choose Hope understands that real dialogue is the foundation of the patient doctor relationship.

  • We utilize a Patient Portal to protect and ensure that you have access to your information.

  • We utilize a 3rd party application to allow for direct text messaging for nonclinical questions.


  • You are an equal member of the treatment team. Your engaged participation is what allows us to formulate a treatment plan that is effective for you.

  • In our clinical experience, the best results derive from treatment plans that we both can agree will be the most beneficial.

  • If you authorize, we are happy to coordinate with your existing support team including therapists, friends, and family members.